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Trainz/Shape File Viewers

Shape file viewers are applications used to open and view meshes created in 3D modelling software such as GMAX, 3DS Max or Blender. In Trainz, the shape file will be in Auran's Jet file format—either .im or .pm.

Trainz Object ExplorerEdit

Trainz Object Explorer (TOE) is a stand-alone utility for viewing .im files exported from 3D modelling software. It was created by Adam Wojcieszyk and is still considered a work in progress, although an update has not been available since 2003 and it has been reported to have compatibility issues with recent developments.

Integrating TOE into the content creation workflow allows the content creator to save time when it is necessary to view 3D models as they would appear in Trainz. As a content creator, you may need to see how your model appears in Trainz several times an hour. In Windows, TOE can be set as the default program for opening .im files with. The program is also useful due to the lack of renderer in the Trainz Asset Creation Studio.

Trainz Object Explorer is available for free download on the Trainz Luvr website here.


FileViewer can open both .im and .pm files (among others). The screen-capture function can automatically create a 240x180 pixel image called $screenshot$.bmp or $screenshot$.tga and places it in the same folder as the active mesh file. These features make it very useful to associate FileViewer with TrainzObjectz (simply open TrainzObjectz, click the Menu button, choose Program Locations, Trainz Object Explorer and browse to FileViewer314.2.exe). Trainz .im and .pm files cannot be exported from the FileViewer application.

For more information and downloads go to: FileViewer by Steven Katic. FileViewer is also available for download at The Great American Underground Railway Company website.

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