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This template supports up to for parametres. These are

Par. Short Explanation Notes
1 book name name of the project mandatory
2 previous link page that comes before this page should exist
3 next link page that comes after this page should exist
4 sub index link name of a subindex optional


The following call is for the Perl project page "Keywords" that is placed between the pages "Concept Index" and "Reference Cards"

 {{prognav|Perl|Concept Index|Reference Cards}}

As an example, the previous link is created as Perl_Programming/Concept_Index.

If you use this template for a sub-index page, you should do it like in this example for the page "Keywords" in "Perl programming", where the optional fourth parameter "Keywords" causes the links to the previous and next page to be placed appropriately inside the Keywords index.


Now, the previous link is created as Perl_Programming/Keywords/msgsnd

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