TI-Basic Z80 Programming/List of Commands/Pt-On

TI Basic programming instruction, accessed from within the program editor by
pressing 2nd+PRGM+Right+Enter.
Plots a single point at the X and Y coordinates, using the default (user-set) or program specified Window and Zoom settings.
Unofficial usage of function (not specified in TI manual):
Plots a point at the location specified by X and Y. Meaning of Z:
If Z is 1, a normal point is plotted
If Z is 2, a 'square' point is plotted
If Z is 3, a 'cross' point is plotted
This function is particularly useful for games, where you may need bigger points and do not want to use multiple Pt-On instructions.
If you have ever changed Stat options, the points that are plotted by this function are the three types that can be used for scatter plots.

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