Scouting/Knots/Decorational Knots/Sinnets

Sinnets consist of 3 or more interwinded laces or ropes. The most simple and most famous sinnet is the Three String English Sinnet. Sinnets can consist of almost any number of strings although they become more and more complicated when more strings are added. Sinnets also include variants of braids.

  • Three String English Sinnet or Common Braid
  • Five String English Sinnet
  • Four String French Sinnet
  • Five String French Sinnet
  • Four String Square Sinnet
  • Eight String Square Sinnet
  • Six String Round Sinnet
  • Crown Sinnet
  • Alternating Crown Sinnet
  • Round Crown Sinnet
  • Chain Sinnet
  • Solomon Bar
  • Bannister Bar
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