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RAC Attack - Oracle Cluster Database at Home/RAC Attack 12c/Create Second VirtualBox VM

  1. In VirtualBox, click New icon in the upper left corner to create the new VM.
  2. Type in collabn2 for the Name of the VM. Choose Linux for the Type and Oracle (64 bit) for the Version and click Next.

    Virtualbox 4: Second VM Name and OS

  3. Type 3072 in the Size field and click Next.

    RA-vbox 4214-create vm-vm memory

  4. Select Use an existing virtual hard drive file and use the folder icon to locate the file collabn2.vdi previously created.

    Click Create to complete the creation of the second VM.

    Virtualbox 4: Create second vm - Use existing HD

  5. There are now two virtual machines; collabn2 being a clone of collabn1.

    From the main screen, select the virtual machine collabn2 and click the Settings icon in the upper left hand corner.

    RA-Oracle_Linux_6_64bit-Configure_OS-finished cloning

  6. Open the USB sub-menu. Uncheck the Enable USB Controller check box.

    RA-vbox 4214-create vm-usb settings

  7. Open the Network sub-menu. Under the Adapter 1 tab, change the Attached to: dropdown to Host-only Adapter.


  8. Choose the Adapter 2 tab. Check the box for Enable Network Adapter. Change the Attached to: dropdown to Internal Network and type the name rac-priv in the Name field.


  9. Choose the Adapter 3 tab. Check the box for Enable Network Adapter. Change the Attached to: dropdown to NAT.


  10. Select the Shared Folders tab. Click Add Shared Folder.

    Enter the path where you've downloaded the Oracle installation media and enter a name for your folder.

    Check Auto-mount and click OK.

    VirtualBox_New_VM_Settings_Shared folder

  11. Open the Storage sub-menu.

    Click on Controller SATA and then on Add Disk:

    VirtualBox New VM Settings - Add shared storage

  12. Click on Choose existing disk:

    VirtualBox New VM Settings - Choose existing disk

  13. Select the disk asm1.vdi and click Open.

    VirtualBox New VM Settings - Choose existing disk ASM

  14. Repeat the operation to add all remaining asm disks.

    VirtualBox New VM Settings - Storage added

  15. Click on Ok to save the modifications.
  16. Review the summary of the new virtual machine.

    Vbox 4: Create Second VM - complete VM settings

  17. Start the collabn2 VM.