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To make this best use of this book to learn Punjabi language use it the following way.


The Gurmukhi module contains the required lessons to learn the Gurmukhi script. This is the most important and basic module and before proceeding further to other modules it is required to master it thoroughly. A number of examples have been provided by writing English words in Gurmukhi. There are excercises to help you quickly learn the script. There are eleven pages in this modules which will require two weeks to laern.


This module is available as a stub and requires some work before it can be used.


This is another important module in your progress into Punjabi learning. Punjabi words have been arranged in traditional Punjabi speaking excercise to make you comfortable with Punjabi phonology. Practice thoroughly by speaking the words of Muharni by using sound files. There are eight pages in this module and will require one and half to two weeks to master.