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Electromagnetic Radiation

Electromagnetic Radiation is observed in Dipoles consists of two straight wire of different polarities carrying current . Electromagnetic Radiation is spread out as an ElectroMagnetic Wave that compose of an ElectroMagnet Wave perpendicular to an Electric Wave

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Characteristics of Electromagnetic Radiation

Electromagnetic Radiation travels at a speed equal to speed of light in a vaccum C = 3 x 1018 and has a Quanta Energy Level.

v = C = λ f
\lambda = \frac{C}{f}
 f = \frac{C}{\lambda}
E = h f = h nfo = h \frac{C}{\lambda}

Electromagnetic Radiation Spectrum

Electromagnetic Radiation Spectrum used in communication include frequencies of

  • Radio Waves , wave of frequency in the range of 2KHz - 20 KHz
  • Microwave , wave of frequency > 3MHz
  • Visible Light , wave of frequency > 3 THz
  • Ultra Violet Waves , wave of frequency > 3GHz
  • X Rays ,
  • Gamma Rays ,

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Wavelength and Frequency of Electromagnetic Radiation


  • Visible Light has a frequency spectrum


Communication Classifications of Electromagnetic Waves

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