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Ordinary Differential Equations/First Order

First Order Differential EquationsEdit

The simplest types of differential equations to solve are first order equations. These are equation where the highest derivative in the equation is the first. So, a first order equation is a function F(x,y,y^{\prime}); there are no occurrences of y^{\prime \prime} or higher derivatives.

There are two easily solved types of first order equations. These are equations with separable variables and linear equations. This chapter covers how to solve and graph any equation in one of these forms, or reducible to these forms. Other types of differential equations, such as non-linear equations, are not covered yet.

2: Separable VariablesEdit

4: First Order Linear EquationsEdit

1: Exact Differential EquationsEdit

3: Substitution MethodsEdit

5: Graphing Differential EquationsEdit