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Muggles' Guide to Harry Potter/Characters/Winky

Muggles' Guide to Harry Potter - Character
Gender Female
Hair color None
Eye color Green
Related Family Unknown
Loyalty Crouch family


Winky is the House Elf of the Crouch family. She is intensely loyal to Bartemius Crouch Sr..

Role in the BooksEdit

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Goblet of FireEdit

We first meet Winky when she is apparently holding a seat in the Top Box at the Quidditch World Cup for Bartemius Crouch Sr., despite the fact that she is scared of heights. Hermione is incensed that anyone could be so insensitive as to subject a house-elf to such fear. We later see Winky running across a path in the forest near the stadium, apparently talking to herself, and finally she is found Stunned at the spot in the forest where the Dark Mark was conjured, holding the wand that had conjured it. After inconclusive questioning by the Ministry wizards there gathered, Bartemius says he is going to dismiss her, saying "This means Clothes!" Winky is devastated at her dismissal.

We meet her again twice in the kitchens at Hogwarts; Dobby has apparently secured a job for her with the school. Both times, she is simply sitting by the fireplace, mourning her lost Master, and getting steadily more drunk on Butterbeer.

Finally, when Barty Crouch Jr. is unmasked, he says that Winky had been one of the guardians set over him in his captivity in his father's house; and that in fact Winky had been not only holding a seat for him at the World Cup, but he himself had been present there, and it was he who had conjured the Dark Mark, with a wand he had stolen from Harry, leaving Winky to take the blame. Professor Dumbledore summons Winky to take care of him while they wait for the Minister for Magic.

Order of the PhoenixEdit

Dobby mentions that he has, a few times, needed a place to put Winky so she could sleep off the effects of the Butterbeer, and has found the Room of Requirement. Harry then uses this room for meetings of Dumbledore's Army.



Relationships with Other CharactersEdit

Winky seems to be good friends with Dobby.



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Greater PictureEdit

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