Microsoft Certified Professional Developer/Exam 70-528/Web-Based Client Development/Create, delete, and edit data in a disconnected environment

Create an instance of the DataSet class programmatically.
Create a DataSet graphically.
Create a DataSet programmatically.
Add a DataTable to a DataSet.
Add a relationship between tables.
Navigate a relationship between tables.
Merge DataSet contents.
Copy DataSet contents.
Create a strongly typed DataSet.
Create DataTables.
Manage data within a DataTable.
Create and use DataViews.
Represent data in a DataSet by using XML.
Access an ADO Recordset or Record by using the OleDbDataAdapter object.
Generate DataAdapter commands automatically by using the CommandBuilder object.
Generate DataAdapter commands programmatically.
Populate a DataSet by using a DataAdapter.
Update a database by using a DataAdapter.
Resolve conflicts between a DataSet and a database by using the DataAdapter.
Respond to changes made to data at the data source by using DataAdapter events.
Perform batch operations by using DataAdapters.
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