MediaWiki Developer's Handbook

This is a developer's handbook to MediaWiki, describing how to extend and tweak MediaWiki--the software that runs Wikipedia, Wikibooks, and other Wikimedia projects.

Chapters in MediaWiki Developer's Handbook

Introduction |Software Architecture |Programming Extensions |Parser Extensions |Adding new tags |Special Pages |Query Pages |HTML Form Pages |Editor Extensions |Add Button |References |Class Reference |Globals Reference |Hooks Reference |Literature


  1. Preface
  2. Introduction
  3. MediaWiki Software
    1. Software Architecture
    2. Programming Extensions
  4. Extending MediaWiki
    1. Parser Extensions
    2. Adding new tags
    3. Special Pages
    4. Query Pages
    5. HTML Form Pages
    6. Editor Extensions
    7. Add Button
    8. Skin Extensions
    9. Add JavaScript
  5. References
    1. References
    2. Class Reference
    3. Globals Reference
    4. Hooks Reference
  6. Resources and Licensing
    1. Literature
    2. Resources
    3. Licensing

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