Lua Programming/How to Lua/keyword

A keyword is a reserved word that has a special meaning to the lua interpreter. Keywords cannot be used as identifier names within a lua script. The following table contains a list of keywords used by the lua interpreter:

  • and
  • break
  • do
  • else
  • elseif
  • end
  • false
  • for
  • function
  • if
  • in
  • local
  • nil
  • not
  • or
  • repeat
  • return
  • then
  • true
  • until
  • while

Lua is lettercase sensitiveEdit

The lua programming language is lettercase sensitive. This means that the keywords above are only reserved in the form stated. If the lettercase of a word does not match that of the keyword, then the word will behave as a normal identifier.

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