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Lower Sorbian/Grammar/Prepositions

Governing 1 caseEdit






bźez `without` dla `because of` do `to` podla, pla `next to` wót [2] `from` wu `by`

k, ku [1] `to` pśeśiwo `in front of` napśeśiwo `in front of`

pśez `through` pśe `in front of` wób [2] `around, about`

nad, nade [1] `over`

pśi `next to` w, we [1] `in`

Governing 2 casesEdit

A. (active) +
L. (stative)

A. (active) +
I. (stative)

G. (active) + L. (stative)

na `on`
po `after`
wó `about`

pód [2] `under`
pśed [2] `before`
za `behind`
mjazy, mjaz `between`

z, ze `with`

Improper prepositionsEdit

Derived of different parts of speech; they govern genitive case (G.).


[1] form ku before k, g, ze before z, s, we before w and groups of 2 and more consonants

[2] prepositions from point [1] and wóte, póde, pśede and wóbo are used in a long form before the 1. sg. pronoun and often before some 1-syllable words