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In Korean, time is expressed like "Now is...". So one would say "지금은 여섯시 입니다" to express "It is six o'clock." The "지금은" means "now is," the "여섯시" means "six o'clock," and the "입니다" means roughly "it is/be."


지금 몇 시에요?
What is the time now?
지금 7시에요.
It's 7'o clock right now.
지금 2시 30분입니다.
It's 2:30 right now.
지금 4시 반입니다.
It's 4:30 right now.


  • 지금 (只今), 현재 (現在): now, at present
  • 몇: how many
  • 시 (時): hour
  • 분 (分): minute
  • 반 (半): half [an hour]
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