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KS3 Computer Science

What is Computer Science?Edit

Computer Science is the study of what computers are, how they work and how to develop new applications and systems which use them. Computer Science is not the same as ICT, which is all about how to use computers and applications to process and communicate information.

This book is aimed at students in Key Stage 3 but might also be useful to students of other ages. Key Stage 3 is normally students between the ages of 11 and 14 in British schools.

Table of ContentsEdit

Note for TeachersEdit

This textbook is designed to accompany the teaching of a Key Stage Three course in Computer Science following the curriculum designed by the Computing At School group. They have published the curriculum on their website.

This is not a statutory subject in schools, nor is there currently a government published Programme of Study. However recent changes announced to the way computing education is taught in schools suggests that a Programme of Study will be forthcoming in the next few months and this textbook is a 'best guess' of what is likely to be studied in a Key Stage Three course in Computer Science. It will be revised and updated after the publication of an official Programme of Study.