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International Postage Meter Stamp Catalog/Curacao


The first Curacao meters came into use in 1938. Curacao was a colony of the Netherlands until 1954 when it joined with other Dutch territories in the Caribbean to form the Netherlands Antilles. See NETHERLANDS ANTILLES for issues after 1954. Only three machines of the same type were used in the colony.

Curacao 1.jpg

1. Francotyp “C” (MV), 1938. MeterCat 5 spaces.jpg[$20]

Inscribed “CURACAO” at top and “CENT” at bottom.
M# outside frank at bottom.
With S# high between TM and frank.
M#s 1, 2 and 3 only.
TM: rectangle without border at top above town name and with brickwork pattern at sides
V/F: MeterCat 5-point asterisk.jpg00(½)

Curacao stamp type 2.jpg

2. Pitney Bowes, model unidentified (digital)

Frank with simple frame lines at top and bottom with hash marks at right.
"POSTAGE PAID" at top, meter number with "PB" prefix at bottom.
Square town mark with country name at bottom.
Two columns of numbers at left of the TM.
V/F: 12px 000.00