• A computer that can run or programs written for Windows 2000 SP4 or Windows XP. This usually means either a computer running Windows 2000 SP4, Windows XP or later versions; however, iTunes is usable in Linux using CrossOver Office.
  • Hard disc space to store data (around 1MB per minute of audio is a good guide.)
  • Many features such as internet radio, pod-casting, and the music store require an Internet connection.
  • This book covers features of iTunes which require additional hardware, such as an iPod or AirPort network.

Where To Get iTunesEdit

  • Apple provides free downloads of the latest iTunes software here.

Installing iTunesEdit

You will need to be logged in as an administrator to install iTunes.

    • Download
      1. In a web browser follow this link to download the latest iTunes software installer.
      2. If you intend to use an iPod with this computer you should download the latest iPod software installer.
      3. If your web browser allows you to open files from it you can do so. Otherwise you need to locate the installer(s) on your computer and run them. If you have downloaded the iPod software is generally better to run the iTunes installer first.
      4. During the iTunes installation you will be asked a few questions. In general the default settings are sufficient and they can be changed later if neccesary.
    • CD (Warning: The software on an iPod's CD is only as new as the iPod. If your iPod is more than a couple months old it is generally better to install from downloaded files).
      1. Insert the CD that came with your iPod into your computer's optical drive.
      2. The CD Contains a combined iPod and iTunes installer that will generally run automatically when you insert the CD. If it does not, go to My Computer then double click on your CD or DVD drives icon. Next double click on the iPod installer.
      3. During the installation you will be asked a few questions. In general the default settings are sufficient and they can be changed later if necessary.

Did It Work?Edit

Just to make sure the installer actually worked you should try these steps.

    1. Click on the Start Menu
    2. Click on All Programs
    3. Choose iTunes in the listing. Then chose iTunes again in the next menu.
    4. You will be asked to agree to the iTunes license agreement.
    5. You will be asked a few questions about how iTunes should operate. It is usually not necessary to make any changes.
    6. After you answer the questions you should see a large window with metalic edges labeled iTunes.
    7. You did it! iTunes is now on your system and ready to use.

Now that all the technical stuff is out of the way we are ready to have some fun.

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