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IB Design and Technology

Design Technology is a unique course in group 4. It is an ideal departure from the traditional science course, especially students who struggle with or dislike experimental science. The course focuses on teaching students the materials, processes, and roles of designs and designers. This includes teaching how designers must consider material, political, social, and economic factors which affect peoples’ priorities when designing a product. Students are taught how to evaluate existing products and analyze situations so that they can suggest appropriate improvements.
Additionally, Design Technology maintains a strong emphasis on giving students the experience of designers and as such an central part of the course is the design project where students collaborate to design and produce an object of their own design.
Design and Technology is a relatively hard course, at the respective levels of SL and HL. However, one should take particular care with the design project, and other such projects that contribute to the marking criteria scheme. Be sure that the influential capacitates of the detrimental effects on the individual of this course has not however changed the initial impact of this course.


There are 6 core topics studied by HL and SL classes:

1. The Design Process
2. Product Innovation
3. Green Design
4. Materials
5. Product Development
6. Product Design
7. Evaluation

HL classes cover an additional 5 topics:

8. Energy
9. Structures
10. Mechanical Design
11. Advanced Manufacturing Techniques
12. Sustainable Development

For the optional section of the course, HL and SL students study two options from those available for their level.
Options A-G are available to HL and SL classes:

A. Food Science and Technology
B. Electronic Product Design
D. Textiles
E. Human Factors
F. Invention, Innovation, and Design
G. Electronic Products

Options H-J are available only to SL classes

H. Raw materials to production
I. Microstructures and macrostructures
J. Appropriate Technologies

Design ProjectEdit

The design project is an integral part of the Design Technology course.