History of Canadian Theatre



The main purpose of the present textbook is to increase knowledge of Canadian theatre history in English and French.

Year of playsEdit

The dating of the plays is referenced according to the year first published or presented on stage, whichever came first, more rarely the year it was written, in cases when neither the one nor the other occurred until much later. Included in Pre-World War (WW) II plays are plays up to 1945, as the main difference in style in 20th century plays occurs before and after that date.

19th centuryEdit

  • English
  • French

20th centuryEdit

  • English Pre-WWII
  • French Pre-WWII
  • English Post-WWII
  • French Post-WWII

21st centuryEdit

  • English
  • French

Supplementary materialEdit

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