General Chemistry


A three-dimensional representation of a 4f orbital

Loupe light.svg


Properties of Matter

  1. Basic Properties of Matter 100%.svg
  2. Changes in Matter 100%.svg
  3. Classification of Matter 100%.svg
  4. Numbers Used to Describe Atoms 100%.svg

Atomic Structure

  1. History of Atomic Structure 100%.svg
  2. Subatomic Particles 100%.svg
  3. Introduction to Quantum Theory 75%.svg
  4. The Quantum Model 75%.svg
  5. Octet Rule and Exceptions 100%.svg

Compounds and Bonding

  1. Overview of bonding 75%.svg
  2. Electronegativity 75%.svg
  3. Ionic bonds 75%.svg
  4. Covalent bonds 75%.svg
  5. Metallic bonds 50%.svg
  6. Molecular Shape 75%.svg
  7. Intermolecular bonds 50%.svg

Chemical Reactions

  1. Naming Substances 75%.svg
  2. Formulas and Numbers 50%.svg
  3. Stoichiometry 100%.svg
  4. Chemical equations 100%.svg
  5. Balancing Equations 75%.svg
  6. Limiting Reactants and Percent Yield 50%.svg
  7. Types of chemical reactions 100%.svg
  8. Energy changes in chemical reactions 75%.svg
  9. Predicting Chemical Reactions 50%.svg

Redox Reactions

  1. Redox reactions 75%.svg
  2. Oxidation states 75%.svg
  3. Electrochemistry 25%.svg

Aqueous Solutions

  1. Solubility 75%.svg
  2. Properties of Solutions 75%.svg

Acids and Bases

  1. Properties and Theories of Acids and Bases 75%.svg
  2. Titration and pH 50%.svg
  3. Buffer Systems 50%.svg
  4. Reactions of Acids and Bases 100%.svg

Phases of Matter

  1. Solids 50%.svg
  2. Liquids 50%.svg
  3. Gases 75%.svg
  4. Phase Changes 50%.svg


  1. Behaviour of Gases 25%.svg
  2. Diffusion and Effusion 75%.svg
  3. Gas Laws 100%.svg

Chemical Equilibria

  1. Equilibrium 100%.svg
  2. Le Chatelier's Principle 50%.svg
  3. Acid-Base Equilibrium 75%.svg
  4. Solutions in Equilibrium 75%.svg

Chemical Kinetics

  1. Introduction 75%.svg
  2. Reaction Rates 75%.svg
  3. Reaction Mechanisms 25%.svg


  1. Introduction 75%.svg
  2. Enthalpy 50%.svg
  3. Entropy 50%.svg
  4. The First Law of Thermodynamics 50%.svg
  5. The Second Law of Thermodynamics 100%.svg
  6. Free Energy 75%.svg

Chemistries of the Various Elements


  1. 100%.svg Periodic Table
  2. 100%.svg Units
  3. 75%.svg Constants
  4. 50%.svg Useful Equations
  5. 100%.svg Standard Reduction Potentials
  6. 100%.svg Table of the Chemical Elements and their Properties
  7. 25%.svg Review Questions

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