GNU Health/The Health Center

The Health CenterEdit

The Health Center is part of the core of GNU Health. It's composed by different physical buildings:

  • Centers: these are the grouper entities of the Health Center (in this case GNU Solidario Hospital). You will create as many centers as the main Hospital has or needs.
  • Buildings: They belong to the centers so, in every one of them you will create all the buildings in each and every one of the centers.
  • Units: you will assign units (traumatology, cardiology, emergency …) to the centers
  • Wards: they belong to a specific building and, of course, to the main institution. In this section you will be able to assign it to the unit and add all the beds present.
  • Beds: they are assigned to wards.
  • Operating Rooms: they are part of specific building and unit.

It's very important to understand the buildings structure because it will allow you to optimize the use and organization of it. From the health care point of view it helps to manage the centers/wards/units used through appointments, used beds, admission, discharge etc. etc. From the administrative point of view it will help to manage all the resources and supplies used in each place (center, building, ward …).

Primary Health CenterEdit

In most of the cases, your company will be the same as the primary health center. When doing the installation on Tryton, you will be asked to enter your company name. When you are finished with the basic installation, make sure you set the attribute of Institution to the Center. To do that follow :

  • Party -> Parties
  • Select your Health center
  • Go to the "Health" tab
  • Set the "Institution" attribute to the party.

GNU Health institution attribute in the party menu

Normally, you will do this only at installation time. From that point, if you want to create additional health centers, follow the next section instruction.

Creating Additional Health Centers and their ResourcesEdit

From the Main Menu → Health → Configuration → Health Centers

GNU Health - Wards

GNU Health - List of Beds

Health ProfessionalsEdit

As the next step will be create a Patient, with families, clinical history etc. etc. it's very important to have the list of Health Professionals that will be linked to each patient.

From the Main Menu -> Health Professionals -> Health Professionals -> Create

GNU Health - Physician

You will be assigning an ID, an Institution and the Specialty to the health professional, clicking on the search button it will display the list from which you'll be able to choose the specialty (in this case), it works the same way for Institution.

GNU Health - Physician

This is how it will look
GNU Health - Physician

Patient Evaluations · Patient Appointment and Admission Management


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