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GNU Health/Families

Since GNU Health 2.0, the family object is a model that holds all the individuals that compose a family, from the legal and/or genetic point of view.
The family members don't necessarily share the same Domiciliary Unit.

GNU Health -> Demographics -> Families

GNU Health family

If you are creating a family, The first thing to do is to assign it a code. This code is unique and it should be representative of the family. In our demo database, we use the code "Zenon-Betz", including both lastnames of the husband (John) and wife (Ana).

In large installations, you want to identify all the parents, or check complex scenarios with multi-family involvements, then you use the report "Family Members"

GNU Health -> Demographics -> Family Members

The Family Members report is read-only. You can query by family code, party (person) or role.

Congratulations ! You have cover the basics on how to enter the information related to the Domiciliary Units and demographics of your community.

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