Folkstyle Wrestling/Wrestling Websites

ReferencesEdit :the wrestling megasite, has literally thousands of links and pictures., stickgrapplers rescources, the technique rescources :the rescources.(mostly advertising, but does have a list of the seven basic skills. :look on the bottom for a technique analysis. :some technique videos :you need to be a member and logged in to take full advantage of this tool, but it does list a lot of techniques and is good to jog your memory :lots of articles on coaching wrestling. will be very helpful. :realprowwrestling principles of wrestling :look on the bottom right for some articles by dan gable. :some coaching tips by dan gable :wrestling tips from dan gable :traing tips from dan gable :the wrestling forums. wrestling forums :real pro wrestling forums :pictures of amateur wrestling, there FAQ page says that you should email them about using the pictures. it would be great if somebody could do this.

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