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Ecology/Practical Ecology

Practical Vegetation SamplingEdit

Done using the National Vegetation Classification (NVC) survey.

US System

UK System [1]

The National Vegetation Classification is a system of classifying w:natural habitat types according to the w:vegetation they contain. Different w:systems exist in different countries, including the w:United States and the w:United Kingdom. A large scientific meeting of w:ecologists, w:botanists, and other related professionals in the w:United Kingdom resulted in the publication of a compendium of five books ISBN 0521797160 by w:Cambridge University Press which detail the incidence of plant species in 5 major habitat types in the w:United Kingdom natural w:environment. They are the first systematic and comprehensive account of the w:vegetation types of this country. They cover all natural, semi-natural and major artificial habitats in w:Great Britain (but not w:Northern Ireland), representing the fruits of fifteen years of research by leading w:plant ecologists. From the data collated from the books was developed a commercial w:software product called 'MATCH' Match which helps to classify vegetation identified into one of the many w:habitat types found in w:Great Britain. [2]