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Diagnostic Radiology/Musculoskeletal Imaging/Basic Science

Histogenesis of developing boneEdit

   1.  Intramembranous ossification 
   2.  Endochondral ossification 
   3.  Remodeling 

Bone anatomyEdit

   1.  Cellular constituents 
       a.  Osteoblasts 
       b.  Osteoclasts 
   2.  Non cellular constituents 
       a.  Organic matrix 
       b.  Inorganic matrix

Bone physiologyEdit

   1.  Mineralization of bone 
   2.  Calcium homeostasis 
   3.  Bone resorption 
   4.  Bone formation 
   5.  Humoral regulation 
       a.  Parathyroid hormone
       b.  Calcitonin
       c.  Vitamin D
       d.  Osteoprotegerin
       e.  Other humoral factors

Regional anatomy to include bony, marrow, cartilaginous, ligamentous, musculotendinous, neural, vascular, lymphatic, and fatty constituents.Edit