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Belgian cuisine is very similar to French Cuisine, but there are some specific regional dishes.

  • Asperges à la Flamande (asparagus with eggs and butter sauce)
  • Stoofvlees (meat stew)
  • Gentse waterzooi (chicken meal soup)
  • Water Rabbit (Muskus Rat, actually very tasty, stems from creative cooking in the trenches of WW1)
  • Rabbit with Abbey Beer (Real rabbit, stewed with strong brown abbey beer)
  • Stoemp (a potato, carrot and onion dish)
  • Chicons au Gratin (Gegratineerd Witloof) (chicory (endives) with ham and cheese sauce)
  • Carbonnades à la Flamande (cubed beef in a beer sauce, similar to Boeuf Bourguignon)
  • Lapin à la Gueuze/Konijn in Geuze (Rabbit in Gueuze beer)
  • Liège waffles

Belgian friesEdit

A strange event happened in the history of Belgian cuisine. Belgian historians claim that the so-called "French fries" are actually a Belgian invention. French has nothing to do with the country France, it's from the verb to french, ie. to slice into thin strips.

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