Our history has determined almost every aspect of lives. It has influenced where we live, our religious beliefs, the languages we speak, how we govern ourselves, relations with others around the world, and many other things. Just as Earth has thousands of years of human history shaping the modern world, so would a conworld have its own ConHistory, whether it is longer or shorter. The information in this wikibook will help you develop your own conworld's history and to shape its present.

Table of Contents

  • The Basics of ConHistory
  • How Geography Affects History
  • Prehistory
  • The First States
    • The Ancient World
    • Warfare
    • Cultural Interaction
    • Advancements Made in the Ancient Age
  • Come and Go of Peoples
  • Rise and Fall of Empires
    • How Empires Work
    • The Rise of an Empire
    • The Fall of an Empire
  • Ups and Downs of Cultures
    • Cultures
    • How Science Develops
    • How Economies Develop
    • How Art Develops
    • How Thought Develops
  • Industrialization
    • Industrialized Nations
    • Tides of Ideology
    • Cultural Interaction
    • Industrial Warfare
  • The Modern World
    • The Modern World
    • Modern Warfare
    • Cultural Interaction
    • Making the Third Leap
  • Some What Ifs to get your mind working
  • Examples of ConHistories
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