Communication Networks/Authors

Authors of this bookEdit

  • Anish Arkatkar : Started this book
  • Kamlesh Kudchadkar : Introducing Wireless(802.11)Security for this course.
  • Hardik Vaghela : Section on Data Link Layer (Error Control).
  • Ketan Nawal : Section on Data Link Layer (Flow Control).
  • Priyank Gandhi : Section on Data Link Layer (MAC).
  • Satish Gavali : Section on HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP).
  • Richard Bhuleskar : Section on Domain Name System (DNS).
  • Gopal Paliwal : Section on Transport Control Protocol (TCP).
  • Devarshi Vyas : Section on User Datagram Protocol (UDP).
  • Yan Chen : Contributed content and reformatted the book into individual pages.


This book was created by contributions from Computer Engineering students of San Jose State University, CMPE206 (Fall 2006).

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