Australian Contract Law

Australian Contract Law
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The purpose of this book is to provide students with an open-source, freely available reference for the study of Contract Law in Australian jurisdictions. The book should provide an analytical framework for approaching real life problems which raise contract law issues. Rather than being a general reference, this book should offer students and practitioners with a practical guide to apply the law of Contracts in a straight-forward way.

Part I: Formation

About The Book
What Is Wikibooks
Setting Up A User Account
Discussion and Consensus
Policy and Guidelines

Part II: Factors affecting formation

How To Edit A Wikibook
Cleanup and Maintenance
Advanced Techniques
Adding Images to Pages

Part III: Performance and Breach

The Right to Terminate
The Measure of Damages
Liquidated Damages and Penalties
Action for Debt

Part IV: Vitiating Factors

Misleading and Deceptive Conduct
Economic Duress
Undue Influence
Unconscionable Dealig
Impropriety by 3rd Parties
Remedies for vitiating factors

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