AQA A-Level Physics

AQA A-Level Physics

This book is designed to help students who are studying the AQA Specification A syllabus to understand the topics covered, as well as explaining the way in which questions are asked in exams and how they differ from other examining bodies.

Unit 1 (PHYA1) Particles, Quantum Phenomena and Electricity

Particles and Radiation

Electromagnetic Radiation and Quantum Phenomena

  • The photoelectric effect00%.svg
  • The photon00%.svg
  • Waves and particles00%.svg
  • Mass and energy00%.svg

Current Electricity

  • Charge and Current00%.svg
  • Voltage and Power00%.svg
  • IV Characteristics00%.svg
  • Resistivity00%.svg
  • Circuits00%.svg
  • Potential divider00%.svg
  • EMF and Internal resistance00%.svg
  • Alternating currents00%.svg
  • Oscilloscope00%.svg

Unit 2 (PHYA2) Mechanics, Materials and Waves


  • Scalars and vectors00%.svg
  • Moments00%.svg
  • Motion along a straight line00%.svg
  • Projectile motion00%.svg
  • Newton's laws of motion00%.svg
  • Work, energy and power00%.svg
  • Conservation of energy00%.svg


  • Density00%.svg
  • Springs00%.svg
  • Deformation of Solids00%.svg
  • Materials Summary Page00%.svg


  • Progressive waves00%.svg
  • Longitudinal and transverse waves00%.svg
  • Reflection, refraction and optics00%.svg

== Unit 3 and 6 Investigative and Practical Skills

Practical Skills

Experimental Analysis

Unit 4 (PHYA4) Fields and Further Mechanics

Further Mechanics


Electric Fields


Magnetic Fields

Unit 5 Nuclear Physics, Thermal Physics and an Optional Topic

Nuclear and Thermal Physics


Nuclear Energy

  • mass and energy00%.svg
  • Induced fission00%.svg
  • Safety aspects00%.svg
  • Binding Energy

Thermal Physics

  • Thermal energy00%.svg
  • Ideal gases00%.svg
  • Scalars and vectors00%.svg
  • Molecular kinetic theory model00%.svg

Optional Topic

Astronomy and Cosmology

Medical Physics

Applied Physics

Turning Points in Physics

General Resources

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